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Employee Recognition

BLG Welcomes Mario Hackbarth

BLG Logistics, Inc. is excited to announce Mario Hackbarth as the new Site Leader for our Ladson, South Carolina facility. As the Site Leader, he will play a crucial role in adhering to the processes, communication, and ownership expected at BLG. 
Mario was educated at the Technical University in Hamburg-Harburg (Germany) and finished with a Diploma Degree in Industrial engineering and management. Before that, he completed a 3.5-year apprenticeship as an industrial electrician.
Mario joins us from a major, German OEM where for the past five years he managed delivery assurance for 20 suppliers and led a team of 12 employees, as well as overseeing an additional 200 suppliers. Mario also worked with WMF Professional Coffee Machines where he led their professional espresso machine division in the eastern United States for five years. He also worked with MBB Palfinger where he performed multiple functions including project management and site relocations.
Since 2017, Mario has been happily married to his wife Susanne, a fellow German whom he met in Omaha, Nebraska of all places. In his free time, Mario likes to BBQ and have friends over while having a German beer or two. 
Mario said when asked what he is excited about in joining BLG “It is a great time to join the company as it gives me a chance to influence the character of the company and I can help shape the philosophy and culture.”
We're thrilled to welcome Mario Hackbarth to the BLG Logistics, Inc. team. With his diverse background and dedication to excellence, we're confident that he will make a lasting impact on our Ladson, SC facility and contribute to the continued success of BLG Logistics.

BLG Recongnizes Eva Knott

We at BLG Logistics are proud to announce the well-deserved promotion of Eva Knott to the position of Manager of Operations for our Spartanburg, South Carolina operation.

Eva has been a force in maintaining exceptional performance, particularly during the process of her beginning her new role. Her commitment to excellence and her leadership skills have played a pivotal role in the success of our operations.

Her colleagues and team members hold her in high regard, respecting and admiring her for her dedication, expertise, and the positive impact she brings to BLG.

Eva's promotion is a testament to her exceptional abilities and her outstanding contributions to our organization. We are immensely proud to be a part of her advancing career and are confident that she will continue to lead with excellence in her new role.

Eva wants to recognize her loving and supportive family as a significant factor contributing to her ongoing success, including her husband, Kevin Knott, her daughter, Lateshia, and her three grandsons, Jabari, Taylor, and Levi.

Please join us in congratulating Eva on this well-deserved promotion. We look forward to witnessing her continued success and the positive influence she will undoubtedly have on our operations.

BLG's CEO Kirk Atkinson First 30 Days

After 30 days at the helm, BLG Logistics, Inc. is certainly glad to have Kirk Atkinson back as its new President and CEO, spearheading comprehensive restructuring, optimization, and expansion initiatives across North America.

Kirk brings with him a wealth of knowledge in industrial manufacturing and logistics. He studied Communications at The University of Alabama, German Language and International Relations at Dusseldorf University, Supply Chain Management at Samford University, and Business Management at Cornell University.  He also, recently obtained his ISO 14001 Sustainability certification.

Kirk previously worked with the BLG Group in Bremen, Germany where from 2009-2010 he was a Praktikant within the Solutions department. He later became the Business Development Manager at BLG, Inc. and most recently, Founder and President of Adah International.

In his free time, Kirk enjoys the company of his family. They enjoy traveling, especially visiting family and friends in Central America and Europe and watching their daughter practice and compete in equestrian. Kirk is an avid reader and is currently reading about phycology and philosophy which apply to both his personal and professional life. Kirk is also passionate about both listening to and playing music and he is currently into 90’s hip-hop and current singer-songwriters.

What Kirk is most excited about BLG is the potential. He believes in creating a culture of ownership from the top down and supporting a management style of skills and discipline from the bottom up. He looks forward to creating careers instead of jobs for our team members, producing value for our customers, and creating return on investment for our stakeholders. Kirk is steadfast in his belief that success is built on collaboration and shared principles. By harnessing the power of BLG's established processes, standards, systems, expert knowledge, and invaluable relationships, he drives value creation for customers throughout North America.

On a recent companywide email, Kirk stated, “One month in, I've seen it plain and clear: we've got remarkable people in this company. BLG's putting power back in their hands, backed by unwavering support across all departments.”

We are extremely excited to have Kirk’s leadership and experience to guide BLG, Inc. into the future.

BLG Recognizes Kory Sullivan

BLG Logistics is excited to announce Kory Sullivan has been promoted to Account Executive. In his new role Kory will help the company grow by building new business and maintaining business relationships.

Kory has been with BLG for over 11 years, starting in 2012 as a group leader then working on the 167 project launch team for a year before moving to being a pricing specialist where he has been for the last 5 years. Kory brings a wide range of skills and knowledge from his roles over the last 11 years at BLG.

Kory spends the majority of his time with his wife Amber and three children Cindy Brooke, Caroline, and Jasper. They love to go to the different locations of zoos, aquariums, and beach trips as often as possible. On an average weekend they will be walking around the neighborhood, playing at the park, or playing hide and seek with his children.

What Kory love most about working for BLG is the Relationships of the people he’s worked with. He believes that everyone makes an imprint on your life, whether it’s big or small and he is happy to say that he has built a lot of relationship with BLG Logistics.

We are excited to welcome Kory into his new role and look forward to the continuing success he will bring to BLG in his new role.

BLG Welcomes John Ray as Marketing Executive Assistant

BLG Logistics is pleased to announce our newest team member, John Ray, who joined BLG Logistics as the Marketing Executive Assistant.  In his new role, John will oversee fostering the growth of the BLG brand in the digital landscape. His core responsibilities revolve around creating innovative strategies to enhance the company's online presence, utilizing social media platforms, and other digital spaces.

John earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Master of Science in Marketing with a focus in Digital and Social Media from The University of Alabama. He was named to the dean’s list on multiple occasions and helped lead several student organizations while at Alabama. 

Before joining BLG, John gained experience as the Digital Sales Coordinator at CBS 42 in Birmingham. During his tenure, he successfully spearheaded the creation, implementation, and analysis of digital marketing campaigns.

In his free time John is an avid reader, cook, and movie lover. He is an avid sports fan and especially keeps up with basketball and football…Roll Tide He is also an animal lover and has a cat named Fizz.

Since joining BLG, John has discovered his favorite aspect of being part of the team—"BLG’s unwavering support and willingness to guide me through the intricate world of logistics”.

We are excited to have John Ray as part of the BLG team. We look forward to witnessing his many contributions and the positive impact he will make on our marketing initiatives

BLG Welcomes John David Ryan as Pricing Specialist

BLG Logistics is pleased to welcome John David Ryan to our team as our new Pricing Specialist. As a pricing specialist, he will be responsible for providing completive quotes for prospective customers, helping create project deadlines, and anticipate staffing needs.

John David attends the University of Alabama pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Alabama. While in college he completed a series of internships through the Alabama Productivity Center where he partnered with the continuous Process Improvement departments at Phifer Inc., IAC, and SMP.

In his free time John David enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and going to concerts. He also enjoys cooking and has been working on a cookbook that he hopes to get published in the next few years. He also enjoys spending time with his pet cat Crouton and his roommates four corgis.

So far, John David’s favorite part of working at BLG has been the people and the companies clear focus on fostering an internal community.

We are happy to have John David join our team and look forward to his contributions to BLG.

BLG Welcomes Mandy Johnston as Deputy CFO

BLG Logistics is pleased to welcome Mandy Johnston as Deputy Chief Financial Officer.  She will be transitioning into the CFO position next year when Henry Page retires.  Mandy is focused on absorbing organizational, industrial, and experiential knowledge over the next year.

Mandy is a graduate of the University of Alabama where she graduated with a BCBS in Accounting with a minor in Political Theory and an MBA in Strategic Management. She was also a National Merit Finalist, Presidential Scholar, Faculty Scholar, graduated magna cum laude and was Vice-President of Beta Alpha Psi. She brings over 20 years’ worth of experience and leadership from a variety of industries.

Mandy is a self-described lover of sport but especially football. From Thursday through Monday, May through February you can find her tailgating either at home or away games. She is also a lover of animals and has three French bulldogs that keep her busy!

What Mandy has enjoyed so far at her time at BLG is the level of professionalism, careful diligence, and dedication to producing quality work in all the people she has met.

We are excited to have Mandy join our team and look forward to the great work she will do in the future.

BLG Recognizes Thomas Burke

BLG Logistics is pleased to announce Tom Burke has been promoted Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). In his new role, Tom will be responsible for developing and implementing sales, pricing, marketing and IT strategies to achieve the company's US revenue and profitability goals. He brings a wealth of experience in supply chain management, having dedicated his entire career to the field.

Tom earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Distribution & Supply Chain Management from Belmont Abbey College, where he was also President of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Throughout his career, he has received numerous accolades and awards for his contributions to the industry.

In his free time, Thomas loves to stay active with his family and enjoys various physical activities such as boxing, Kali martial arts, weightlifting, and biking on the swamp rabbit trail. He is also a huge animal lover and adopted a wonderful dog named Tux, who is a Lab and Border Collie mix.

What Tom loves most about working for BLG is the opportunity to work with a talented and diverse team of people from all over the world. He enjoys building a great brand for BLG in the USA and working with customers not just from the USA, but also from Germany, China, Korea, Mexico, and other countries.

We are fortunate to have Tom on our team, and we look forward to the continued success he will bring to BLG in the future.

BLG Recognizes Shonda Gilbert

Please join us in congratulating Shonda Gilbert for her promotion to Manager of Operations (MOP) of our new Logistics Service Center, in Northport, AL!
Shonda joined BLG Logistics in 2005, after working with the company for only a year, she was promoted to Team Leader. As her career evolved, Shonda continued to demonstrate great leadership skills.

In 2008, she was promoted to Group Leader, and now with over 15 years of experience at BLG, Shonda is the Manager of Operations, at our brand-new, FTZ, and temperature-controlled facility in Northport, AL. 
Aside from being a dedicated team player, Shonda
enjoys spending time with her loving daughter and husband, while exploring different restaurants in her spare time.
We think Shonda’s words reflect the true culture of the BLG Logistics community….“When there is growth and opportunity here at BLG, we always put our people first. This is what I like most about working for this company. I aspire to be the same way and carry along the same ideals, in hopes to help and guide the next team member that is looking for the same opportunity that was given to me.”
BLG Logistics is very proud to have an employee like Shonda, and the entire organization wishes her tremendous success in her new
Thank you, Shonda for everything you do!!

BLG Recognizes LaShonda Jennings

Please join us in congratulating LaShonda Jennings for her promotion to Manager of Operations (MOP) of our Logistics Service Center, in Vance, AL!

LaShonda joined BLG in 2005, as a Team Leader and in 2012, was promoted to Group Leader. Now with almost 18 years of experience at BLG Logistics, LaShonda was promoted to Manager of Operations at our North America Headquarters in Vance, AL. Prior to joining BLG, LaShonda worked as a Quality Inspector for Mercedes Benz. Wow, talk about domain knowledge in the automotive logistics industry! Not too many companies are as fortunate as we are to have such a dedicated and loyal employee.

Aside from being a loyal employee, LaShonda is a dedicated mother of two children and a loving wife. Her hobbies include going to the spa, going to the park for a walk or picnic, watching sports, traveling, going to the gun range to relieve stress, trying different restaurants and bars with family and friends, attending family gatherings, and reading books.

We think LaShonda’s words speak for themselves…“The things I’m most proud of is the way I carry myself with confidence, my smile and personality, the way I light up the world, helping others, the challenges I have overcome, the lessons I have learned, being able to forgive myself and others, developing new skills and opportunities even when I thought I could not achieve them.”

BLG Logistics is very proud to have LaShonda Jennings as part of our family. We wish her tremendous success in her new role!

Thank you LaShonda for being such a wonderful, loyal, and dedicated employee!!

BLG Recognizes Benjamin Boateng

BLG Logistics is very happy to announce that Benjamin Boateng has been promoted to IT Manager. Benjamin represents everything that is great about BLG Logistics. 

Benjamin joined BLG in 2013, as a Team Member in the Returnable Department and was quickly promoted to Team Leader.

In 2015, Benjamin was promoted to an IT Specialist where he worked on BLG infrastructure, setting up the data center and part of the IT team that introduced our cloud-based network system.

In 2020, Benjamin was promoted to IT Supervisor and then in 2022 promoted to IT Manager. What a great example of BLG’s promote from within culture; from Team Member to IT Manager in 9 years.

Benjamin attended Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY (Micro Masters in Cybersecurity); SANS Technology Institute in Philadelphia, PA (Diploma in Advance Cybersecurity); The National Institute of Information Technology in New Delhi, India (Hardware and Networking Proficiency); Takoradi Technical University in Ghana, Africa (Higher National Diploma in Purchasing and Supply).

Benjamin is a dedicated father and when he is not working hard, he really enjoys spending time with family. His hobbies include jogging, playing soccer, and pursuing profitable business endeavors.

BLG Logistics is very proud to have an employee like Benjamin, and the entire organization wishes him continued success. Thank you, Benjamin, for everything you do for BLG Logistics and our valued customer base. 


BLG Logistics welcomes Don Thomason as Engineering Manager, US Operations based in Vance, AL.

Don has an extensive range of operational and consulting experience in global manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics, distribution and transportation varying from automotive, medical devices, consumer/commercial products and food processing. Don graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in Management-Quantitative Methods & Business Systems. Don has served on the Executive Board of Directors for Moody Area Chamber of Commerce for several years. Recently he was Principal Consultant with Emerging Strategic Solutions, LLC for Transport Safety Logic LLC. He has also worked with other logistics companies such as Standard Corporation Integrated Logistics and UTi Worldwide.

“We are very excited to have Don as part of our BLG family. Don’s vast experience and strong business acumen is another key addition to ensure BLG’s management team is world class. As we continue to open new markets and facilities, Don’s roll from planning to implementation will be a major key to our success. On top of his engineering and management skills, Don’s presence adds a level of professionalism which is appreciated” Brian Hollenbeck, President and CEO, BLG Logistics Inc.


BLG Logistics welcomes Nelson Eguavon as Site Leader based in Vance, AL.

Nelson has over 22 years of leadership experience in different industries including retail distribution, food service, manufacturing, and 3PL logistics. Nelson graduated from the Univ. of Benin with a BSC in Economics & Statistics, Georgia State Univ. with a BSC in Computer Science, Univ. of Phoenix w/ MBA in Business Admin. & Mgt. and is pursuing a doctorate degree in Business Administration & Organization at Walden Univ. At BLG Logistics, Nelson is responsible for the daily operation of the 260,000 sq. ft. warehousing & logistics facility where he ensures logistics processes are streamlined to reduce operating cost and increase profitability.

“Recruiting Nelson was key for our organization in late 2019. Nelson brings not only great experience to the team, but also a can-do approach. We have already seen a transformation of our site and the daily progress is wonderful. He has also worked very hard on the people side of the business to ensure defects are reduced and employees are given the tools to succeed.” Brian Hollenbeck, President & CEO, BLG Logistics Inc.


BLG Recognizes April Brown

Our very own April Brown is our featured employee this April 2020. April is our Pricing and Calculations Manager and has over 20 years of manufacturing and automotive experience including Supplier Quality Engineer, Supply Chain Analyst, Launch Management, and Plant & Site Manager.  
April received the Team Award for Global Launch – Chairman Award.

April graduated from the University of Alabama with an Engineering degree. Roll Tide! When she’s not crunching numbers April enjoys boating, hiking, spending time with her dogs, friends and family; and she enjoys billiards where she plays on a pool league team.

“April’s hard work and dedication is an example to everyone on our team.  She is a great employee that goes above and beyond to help us achieve our goals and is truly a wonderful person to work with.” Thomas Burke, Director North America Sales & Marketing


BLG Recognizes David Benson

David Benson is our feature employee for June 2020. David is a graduate of the University of Alabama and joined BLG’s Engineering team once he obtained his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

David’s responsibilities at BLG consist of new customer integration and planning, day to day support for our operations, customer support, various infrastructure related projects to improve efficiency, and creating a safe work environment. David’s strong working knowledge of our WMS system along with his operational/engineering know-how is an invaluable combination for our operation in Vance, AL.

“David has a wide set of skills and knowledge. He is responsible for the effective application of existing and new technology to maintain or improve operational performance. David is a hard worker, dedicated, and always has a “can-do” attitude that infects the team. He is always willing to help and often presents creative and well-thought-out methods to improve tasks or outcomes.”
Randy Pettigrew, COO, BLG Logistics Inc.


BLG Welcomes Paolo Davini, Operational Excellence Manager

Paolo is an Operational Excellence Manager with BLG Logistics. He specializes in operational improvements, process reviews and training.
Paolo is a graduate from University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Paolo over 28 years of experience in the furniture, fulfillment, automotive, and broadband internet industries.

Paolo enjoys outdoor activities like playing soccer, hiking, mountain biking and windsurfing.  He also enjoys spending time with his wife Kathy, and his daughter Liza, when she is home from college, and his 4 dogs that keep him busy!  


BLG Welcomes Jeff Ricketts as our Project Process Supervisor

Jeff Ricketts is our Employee Spotlight for February 2021. Jeff is a Project Process Supervisor with BLG Logistics.
His role is to lead and manage our new Retail Operations Group.  
Jeff attended Southern Tech in Marietta, GA where he studied Architecture and Engineering and has over 30 years of experience in the logistics industry.
Jeff enjoys spending time with his children and learning about different business operations.
He also enjoys the challenges BLG brings along with the diverse business offerings and willingness to look at new avenues for expansion.


BLG Congratulates Carolina Vega on her promotion to Quality Manager

We are excited to feature Carolina Vega in our current Employee Spotlight.
Carolina has worked with BLG Logistics for 7 years and was recently promoted to Quality Manager.  The entire BLG team congratulates Carolina on her great accomplishments.  She is a true testimony of what hard work, dedication and commitment will do for you in your career at BLG.

Carolina has her undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the Universidad Externado de Columbia.  She is also certified as an Internal Auditor from the Institute of Internal Auditors and recently led the BLG team to our highest score ever in our recent ISO 9000 audit.  Carolina creates and maintains the Quality Management System for all our operational business units throughout the US.

Randy Pettigrew, COO – “Carolina has continuously demonstrated professionalism, knowledge and commitment to BLG.  With her ongoing leadership as our Quality Manager, we expect to further improve our business maturity through 2021 and beyond.  We appreciate all you do!”


BLG Recognizes Eva Knott

Eva Knott is our current Employee Spotlight for March. Eva is an IT Logistics Specialist with BLG Logistics. Her role includes technical flashing of stock, stock monitoring by comparing customer data with BLG data, order management, coordination of customer request, perform research and analysis, and dunnage management.

Eva attended Piedmont Tech in Greenwood, SC where she studied Business Operations, Management and Supervision and has over 30 years of work experience; including having owned her own business, Keva Transport LLC.

Eva enjoys spending time with her husband Kevin, daughter Lateshia and their three grandsons Jabari O’Neal, Taylor O’Dell, and Levy O’Kell. Her hobbies include cooking and bike riding. Eva’s favorite thing about BLG is her work schedule and opportunity for growth.


BLG Welcomes Joe Allen, Site Manager based in Greer, SC.

Welcome to our newest Site Manager, Joe Allen. Joe is responsible for our BMW MRO operation in Greer, SC. His role is to provide the training and tools required for the team to exceed the customers’ expectations. He is joining an amazing group of people committed to providing the best service to our valued business partners.

Joe earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Keene State College in New Hampshire, CT. He spent the last 25 years of his career in manufacturing, supporting different markets. Most recently, he spent 8 years providing machined products in the semi-conductor industry but also brings with him experience in multiple vertical markets including aerospace, invitro diagnostics and medical implantable devices.

Outside of work Joe has a variety of hobbies ranging from hunting and fishing to home improvement. But his favorite thing is spending time with his family. Life moves very quickly and staying connected to his wife and children is his priority.

On day one, Joe said "the moment I walked in the door I knew my teammates were going to be the best part about this experience. They have a level of commitment and strong desire to make things run better."


BLG Recognizes Mateo Tarplin

Mateo Tarplin is the BLG Logistics Employee Spotlight for April. Mateo is a valued Team Member with BLG Logistics at our Ladson, South Carolina facility. His responsibilities include being a fork-lift operator, sequencer, helping his Team Lead, as well as being a key part in running the floor area.

Mateo graduated from Fort Dorchester High School. Prior to joining BLG, he worked in the Retail Industry where he sold Tommie Hilfiger apparel.
In his free time Mateo enjoys anything sports related especially running. He runs 5 miles every morning! He also enjoys spending time with his family, two dogs and playing video games.

Mateo’s favorite thing about BLG is "the people."