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BLG Logistics Employee Orientation Training


BLG Implements an employee orientation training program to create a company culture of success. 

Vance, Alabama –

Recruiting and employee retention continues to be more important than ever to the success of organizations throughout the business community . With continued growth,   BLG has been challenged with not only doubling the  workforce over the last six months,  but also hiring and retaining  the “best and brightest” team members in the industry. Most companies recognize this need, but many only give the idea lip service and do not invest properly in training and employee development.

BLG has implemented an employee orientation training program to ensure all employees which enter the organization are equipped with basic knowledge of our work methods, company culture and industry. Each recruit, whether a direct hire or hired through a temp agency, goes through a week of on the job training both in a classroom setting and the  shop floor. This frankly allows BLG to weed out prospective employees that do not fit well in the work environment and, more importantly, give the individuals a base of knowledge to begin their career.

Nathaniel Coleman, BLG Training Manager, who runs the program is already seeing positive results. “My goal is to not only bring effective employees into our organization but also ensure our teammates become part of our BLG family. My goal is to get them off to a good start and help mentor the employees in a way that helps them grow in their career. This is a calling for me.”

Since this program has been implemented in Vance, AL, BLG is already seeing its attrition rate slow down. Along with providing proper job training, the HR group under Dr. Cerit Bryant is also working hard to ensure all employees understand the benefit packages and company entitlements that employees have at their disposal. Throughout their first quarter of employment the company also offers classes on 401K benefits, educational enhancement programs, etc.

BLG Chief Operating Officer, Randy Pettigrew who has also been instrumental in building the program, added “We are undergoing an entire cultural change at BLG. It takes time for this to take hold, but by showing employees that we want to invest in their success and ensure they have every opportunity to be successful is the key. We will ensure this remains a top priority for our organization”

Brian Hollenbeck, BLG’s President and CEO, echoed Randy’s comments. “We have started the first phase of this endeavor and will continue to push this initiative. The real key is after the initial training period we continue to provide strong leadership and communication to all employees throughout the organization. This cannot just be an employee orientation program but a work culture based on continued training.

“I want to make a deal with every single one of our employees, Brian said. “ I expect every single employee to come to work every day and give a good solid effort while  having the companies best interest at heart. My side of the bargain is to ensure we provide every employee with a career path and mentoring program that will allow them to meet their personal career/work goals. If this occurs we will have a great company.”

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