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BLG Logistics Welcomes New COO-Randy Pettigrew


Randy Pettigrew joined the BLG Logistics team as the Chief Operating Officer, US Operations. 

Vance, Alabama –

BLG Logistics Inc. welcomes Randy Pettigrew to the BLG team as the Chief Operating Officer, US Operations.

Randy is a native of southwest Missouri, but currently resides in Cleveland, Tennessee. Randy received his undergraduate degree from Missouri Southern State in Mathematics, and obtained his MBA from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Randy  has worked in a wide range of operations logistics  roles, varying from wireless telecommunications, medical device manufacturing, the rail industry as well as automotive logistics.

“We are very pleased to have Randy joining the BLG team to run US operations” said Brian Hollenbeck, BLG’s CEO and President. “His wide range of proven business success fits very well into our vision to grow BLG geographically and into other vertical markets, along side automotive. BLG has  been very successful in creating new business opportunities this year outside of our home state of  Alabama under the sales  leadership of Tom Burke and we will continue to find true business partners that desire a win-win relationship while maintaining our presence in Alabama.”

“We will  continue to make investments in our people in 2019 and beyond”, continued Brian. “In this year alone we have hired a new leader in IT, Quality Management, Engineering and Process Management. We have also promoted a number of folks from within our organization into leadership roles. I am very confident we are building a world class team that will lead BLG into the future as we continue our quest to become a $400M entity in the US.”

Cerit Bryant, BLG’s Director of Human Resources also shared his belief that Randy will help lead the BLG team to future success. “Randy is analytical, thorough, and strategic,” said Cerit.  “He will stick to the process  long enough to make sure everything is smooth, efficient, and effective at all times. We are really glad to have him be a part of the team.”

Outside of work, Randy enjoys spending his time promoting concerts in the Tennessee area with the On-Point Production Company. Recently, On-Point held a country-western concert over the Memorial Day weekend. Randy plans to continue to be a community leader in Cleveland, TN while he focuses on BLG’s business interest.

Randy has positive goals for his time with BLG. He hopes for BLG Logistics to become a learning organization and to put more focus on the employees of BLG.

“If I’ve learned anything from this industry it’s you take care of your employees and in-return, they will take care of you” said Randy.  “I am so happy that the people I get to work with are so focused on success, and growth. It makes coming to work a lot more worthwhile.”

Randy Pettigrew