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BLG Academy Gives Students Warehouse Logistics Experience Before Graduating High School


Vance, Alabama – BLG Logistics holds its 4th annual BLG Academy High School Graduation. Back in 2012, BLG established the BLG Academy in Vance, Alabama, its own training program in cooperation with a local high school in the area which has now grown to five schools in 2016. The participating students receive instruction in health and safety, warehouse operations, supply chain management, procurement and workplace essentials. The students not only have theory classes twice a week at school but also commute to the BLG warehouse to perform hands on training three times a week.

BLG Academy gives students warehouse logistics experience before graduating High School.

Today thirty-seven students completed the BLG Academy which helped them receive two credit hours toward high school graduation. By collaborating with the German American Chamber of Commerce, BLG was also able to award graduates with both a U.S. and German-equivalent certificate. After completion the students have the opportunity of working for BLG or other logistics providers. Apart from this certificate BLG also makes it possible for those students and current employees to participate in a Short Certificate program, also known as the Warehouse Logistics Program, in which BLG worked with four local community colleges to help provide another educational option.

BLG is really excited about the progress of the program and looks forward to growing with more students each year. We would like to thank all the school systems which have worked with us this year to make this possible as well as the teachers. We are very proud of all the graduates and wish them much success in the future.