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Maike Sievers Recognized as Leader in the Logistics Industry


Research Triangle Park, NC. Supply & Demand Chain Executive – the executive’s user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, recently announced its 16th annual Pros to Know winners. Included in the winner circle is Director of Engineering, Sales and Marketing at BLG Logistics (BLG), Maike Sievers.

The Pros to Know awards recognize leaders in the supply chain industry that are embracing innovation and embarking on initiatives that will prepare their companies’ supply chains for the significant challenges of today’s business climate. Sievers supports the broader supply chain goals and the customer’s demand for attention to detail throughout BLG’s various initiatives. Taking in stride the fastpaced work environment of the 3PL, Sievers focuses on what she believes to be the key to successful operations, noting that an optimally run operation will require technology that supports responsiveness to changing customer environments. “Working for Maike, I continue to be amazed by her ability to be focused and organized despite her many roles and responsibilities at BLG,” notes Beth Snelson of the Logistics Planning, Sales and Marketing team at BLG. “I admire her patience and positive attitude while working through challenges, and her respect for individuals on her team.”

Sievers has implemented a range of initiatives to secure a stronghold in BLG supply chain operations for her customers. “Optricity is pleased to have the chance to work with BLG and is honored to have had the opportunity to support Maike in one of her many workplace optimization initiatives,” says Sheila Benny, EVP of Optricity. “Working by her side to ensure that innovative solutions are implemented, and implemented well, is important to us. We are pleased to see she is being recognized for her efforts and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”

Sievers dedication to her roles at BLG and the results of her supply chain initiatives highlight her as a Pro within this industry. “I want to formally commend and acknowledge Maike Sievers for the excellent work she has done,” says Roberto Patino, President of BLG. “The level of expertise that she has extended in the automotive logistics industry for the period of twenty years plus can only be termed as far beyond my expectations. Impressed by her remarkable work in performing her executive roles and duties, I am compelled to go on record with praise, for she truly deserves it.”

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