The following services are offered in Vance:

Supplier Logistics Center (SLC)

The Supplier Logistics Center (SLC) is a 120,000 square foot facility that provides warehousing and Just In Sequence delivery services to the OEM production line. The commodities processed at the SLC include large parts like fuel tanks and interior carpets as well as electrical parts like instrument clusters and switches and multiple other parts. In addition, the SLC also provides value-added services such as parts assembly, subassembly, and quality inspections.

Wax Center

Located within the OEM campus, the Wax Center provides a special underbody corrosion protection services for finished vehicles. The wax is applied using a modern application process and ensures that the underbody of the vehicle is protected from corrosion through water, salt, etc. In addition to the underbody coating provided at the Wax Center, BLG also provides lineside wax application for individual corrosion-risk parts.

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