Consumer Goods & Retail

In Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), you need a logistics partner that can flex with demand and respond with agility to consumer market needs.  BLG's ability to scale, adapt and consistently deliver to plan, explain why so many major companies have partnered with BLG for store resets, inventory management and warehouse operations not only in North America, but all over the world.

BLG Powers the Logistics of Major Consumer Brands

BLG manages warehousing, distribution, value-added services and e-commerce fulfillment for the world’s leading brands, worldwide. From order management to returns management, major consumer brands count on BLG to deliver.

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  • High Bay Warehousing
  • Flow Racking
  • E-Commerce Management (from order to delivery)
  • Packaging, Labeling and other Value-added Services
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Replenishment at Distribution Center
  • Quality Control
  • Returns Management including Repackaging

Obsession with Quality & Precision

Our German heritage combines with more than a decade of US operation for an unbeatable combination for industrial manufacturing: German Engineering coupled with American Innovation. BLG is obsessed with quality and precision and driven to continually improve.

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Other Industries


We provide comprehensive Automotive Logistics - ranging from procurement of the packaging and parts assemblies/sub-assemblies to just-in-sequence production supply, including managing your onsite logistics.

Industrial Manufacturing

BLG Logistics develops supply chain solutions for powerful brands from CPG, E-Commerce, retail, furniture, and lifestyle sectors. You can simpy leave your order processing to us!